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Horses Voices | Animal Communication & Wholistic Balancing

“Bringing horses, dogs and their humans to a higher level of understanding”.

Communicating over 50 years with animals and wholistic balancing of the mind & body for over 21 years.
Deepening the heart bond between animals and their owners and correcting behavioral and emotional issues.

Wholistic balances are achieved using specialized kinesiology and communicatons to determine the priority of the animal. Often, issues are not what we humans think. Just like us, animals hold emotions which can hinder performance, training, mental attitude or interfere in our relationships with them.


– Enhance the Human Animal Bond
– Improve Performance and Health
– Enhance Training
– Eliminate Behavioral Problems
– Relieve Stress and Help Resolve Causes of Stress
– Relay Messages to your Animal Companion
– Help you Understand Each Other
– Improve Your Relationship
– Promote Happiness & Enlightenment


– Mediation of behavior, abuse & training issues
– Help for rescue animals
– Upsets between animals
– Nutritional Issues
– Illness, Surgery and Recovery issues
– Medical Intuition to help Veterinarians
– Aging animals and euthanasia decisions
– Facilitating at euthanasia, helping the horse and owner


Addressing the Equine Body, Mind, Spirit Mediation/Communication & Wholistic Balancing for Behavior / Abuse / Training Issues

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Horses Voices Fees and Rates:

Long distance sessions – karenhall.horsesvoices@gmail.com

$65 per session – includes telephone consultation.

Day clinics, are also available

Karen’s clients include professional and laypeople alike. Her animal clients include companion animals, performance animals and working animals.

An animal communicator or hands on energy worker can be of invaluable assistance in resolving issues.

Deepening the bond with your new or rescue animal does not have to take months or more. Neither does “fixing” a problem that pops up in an established relationship. Bringing out the partner and loving companion you know is inside  can easily be accomplished. Rescue animals come with baggage that training cannot resolve on a deep emotional level.  Rescue horses often quickly achieve a level of emotional & physical  that will rapidly translate into smoothing out health, training, ground manner & riding issues.

Often, the root of the problem is not what we think. Training is not always the answer to behavioral issues. Through mediation, communication and long distance and hands on balancing, animals frequently solve their own issues.

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Both hands on and long distance sessions prove an alternative way to resolve behavior, abuse and training issues, read how Horse’s Voices time and again has helped horses, dogs and their humans through issues of abuse, abandonment, behavior and training issues.

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Case Studies

Some horses and dogs have a session from time to time to help with issues that arise, often a ‘tune up’ sets life right again and gets to the core of what’s bothering the animal or helps them deal with changes. Just like a chat with a good friend is great for us!

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Speaking to your horse and deepening your heart bond. Hands on methods are taught and issues resolved during the day clinics and private sessions. Contact Karen for availablilty and to schedule the next step in reaching a higher level of understanding & deepening your heart bond.

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