31 y/o Sky’s first conversation


In  his 1st long distance session,  32 y/o Sky was asked if he likes bananas – he had no idea what I was talking about, as I began to describe a banana he responded “oh, sweet yannas” – seems his care givers say, “here’s your nanna”. Sky corrected me when I called him ‘precious baby’ – he informed me it was “man, not baby”, requested for his caregiver to bring him an apple that evening at feed time. Some other comments from Sky during his session were: he likes this ‘air business’ and would like to see green (grass/fields). Sky is perkier since his session and eagerly eating his meals again.

2nd long distance session: Sky showed me a picture of a little present: a white box tied with pink ribbons and ‘presented’ it to his caregiver, along with the message of ‘love’ and for her ‘not to worry, life is good, love goes forever’ and ‘time will be’ (whatever time is left). Sky is moving better & is more alert since his two sessions and getting some past emotions voiced.

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