Hannah gains confidence at the show!



  I had two sessions done by Karen one of my 32 yr old Mare to see what level of discomfort she was in and if it was time to start preparing myself, well I am happy to report that Sugar told Karen she is not ready to go yet!  The next session was with my Dachshund Hannah. I wanted to know why she felt so worried at dog shows and in stores. She loves people but would get worried in new places. Hannah was very talkative with Karen and shared a lot. I’m happy to report that two days after here session we went to a 3 day dog show and Hannah was an 80% different dog, she was more confident which is one thing they talked about she seemed more relaxed then before.We still have a ways to go but with Karen’s help I know we will get there.

Thank you so much Karen for helping my girls!

Gail in Arizona

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