A request from beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

Plaid blankie Taz requested to be out on the bed.

Taz requested for the soft plaid blanket to be put on top of the bed.  

During our conversation connecting with Taz’s spirit, Taz showed me a plaid blankie and asked for it to be put on the bed for him and the other dogs to sleep on. He conveyed it symbolized “love” and he knew it when he first came to his new home & family. His owner didn’t remember a blankie like that being used. She went to the closet and pulled out three, soft, solid colored blankies, Taz was disappointed and insisted the plaid was in the house! 

A half hour after I hung up the phone from this session, I received an email and a picture of the plaid blankie laid across the bed with Taz’s doggie family on it. ♥Where was the plaid? It was folded as a cushion on a footstool next to the bedside for the little dogs to use while jumping on & off the bed, not actively used as bedding. To Taz it symbolized “love” as he’d not slept in his owner’s bed before he was adopted. Taz came to his foster home as a senior after his home life changed and no other family member would take him in. Taz was adopted by his foster mom and had wonderful care with her and her other dogs, three being Schipperkes like him.

A true sense of family!  

Taz eventually became sick and began to have a bloody nose. For a while surgery and medications helped, the cancer tumor finally claimed his eye and nasal cavities. At this time I was consulted as to Taz’s wishes, he desired help to transition, he didn’t want his family to see him in pain nor to witness a slow death of the body. Given a choice, Taz asked for help from his Veterinarian. His mom was with him until the last breath.  

Taz is with his family in spirit and at peace. ♥ 10-08-14 

R.I.P. sweet Taz.

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