A skeptic’s first experience with Horse’s Voices and Karen Hall!

Hi, my name is Linda and my horse’s name is Rosie. I have been having great difficulty in treating my horse’s feet. I guess I should start by saying that I recently moved my horses to a new barn. This was a very positive move for both of my horses and me. Much better situation for the horses and myself. At the old barn, Rosie had numerous injuries, puncture wounds, to many horses for the space available and only one round bale for approximately 40 horses and then hoof infection called a canker. The old barn was treating her for this and she went from a horse that I could pick up her feet to clean them to a horse that had to be sedated to even pick up her feet to clean them. She was never like that when I first bought her. She became increasingly anxious,head shy and protective of herself. As for myself, I became the same. Through my friend Darlene, she recommended that I get in touch with Karen. I was very skeptical. Darlene actually set up our appointment and more or less made me do this. Now I have to say I did see the amazing change in her horse Teeds and I will say it was a 360 degree change for the better. I was nervous. So last Thursday we sat down and waited for Karen to call. She did and we spoke for the first time. We hung the phone up as Karen communicated with my horse Rosie, she in Florida and we in North Carolina. The session lasted about an hour and I took notes on Rosie’s behaviors and movements and then Karen called us back and went over what she got from Rosie. There were huge match ups in what she was getting from Rosie and what Darlene and I were seeing before our eyes. Rosie balanced herself and communicated with Karen. She communicated how roughly she was treated and that she felt she was always fighting for food, space and self preservation. I will say it was emotional, but I came away with very positive feelings about Rosie and myself and I felt we were on our way to a better relationship. However, I really did not expect what happened next. Karen did communicate to Rosie that we had to treat her feet, it was her own welfair and we weren’t going to hurt her. Rosie told Karen that she understood and that she would let us treat her. This is what happened next… Yesterday, Monday afternoon Darlene and I met at the barn to clean Rosie’s feet and put medicine on her. We pulled her into the breeze way of the barn, Darlene was holding the lead rope and I was going to try and pick up Rosie’s feet and treat her. This was our struggle!!! I guess both Darlene and I told Rosie what we were going to do and when we asked her to pick up her foot, the front left and here it is, our miracle… Rosie picked up her left foot without me touching the leg and she held up her foot for me!!! No struggle, no fighting it was amazing! We proceeded to pick up all of her feet and clean them out and apply medication. It was such a positive experience, for the first time in months I feel good about the direction and relationship that I have with my horse. I know we are going to get her feet cleared up and she is happy and that makes me happy. So if any of you reading this have doubts about what Karen does, I’m hear to say don’t doubt, this really works. I have to be honest I do not know how she does this, but it works and I have seen it. I am so looking forward to Rosie and I moving forward in a positive relationship, one in which we are both happy, healthy and secure. Thank you Karen for helping us. I look forward to our next session!

Linda R. in North Carolina

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