Both owner & horse are helped in a session, let the healing begin!


Hi Karen
I wanted to write this to you because I want you to post this and our session on your page so that others can see that your communications not only make horses feel better but that they are also something that helps the owners immensely to open up themselves and grow.

I wanted to share with you what I felt as you were working on Argus in our first session. As I was sitting there I was thinking about how far I’ve come from that dark place months ago. And to be honest Argus coming into my life has made a big change in how I started to pull myself out of that hole.  During your session he kept looking at me with those soft tender eyes and those forward ears. I could feel love emanating from him and I worked on extending my emotions of love onto him as well. There were times where he walked away but he always came back to me.  Argus is like that so many other things could be going on but he always has time for me even if its just to look at me. Love has always been an emotion I’ve struggled with but with your session and all the things you’ve gotten out of it and told me, I truly feel like my family is becoming whole. I’ve never had a horse like Argus, one that genuinely wants to spend time with me. I feel like he is and will be my partner instead of just me his rider. I truly feel like he will take care of me, something that I’ve lacked.

Rossy & Argus – helping & healing each other

And I know I know in my heart that this will help me learn to trust more.

Thank you again so much for this.  It meant so much to me to have you communicate with Argus.
The following are pictures that I took after the session.
Rossy & Argus in R.I.

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