Buddy makes a turn around!

Buddy makes a turn around!

From Buddy’s owner, Anita:

This is Buddy. I got him when he was 8 wks old. He Is a mini Wire Hair Dachshund. When I got him he was very playful, smiling, and just awesome!!  He was so good that I bought another one about a year later.  I had Buddy neutered before I got Rudy because I wanted Buddy healed before another puppy came.   After  Rudy came home, (same breed ), Buddy became “Bossy” with Rudy.    Dragging him around by his ear,  growling at him and sometimes even jumping on him and would hurt Rudy.  I thought It was a domination behavior so I really didnt do much about it. (Bad move!)  As the years have progressed so did Buddy’s bad temperament.

Now 8 years old, he started growling in a vicious way at other dogs.   I couldn’t have him around them or he would attack.  He also started nipping at me and other people,  uncontrollable barking and lunging at people as well as dogs.   I didnt know what to do  so I kept him away from everyone and everything.   When Buddy, Rudy and I moved into my son’s home it got worse.  My son has two  dogs that are very gentle for their breed.  One is a female pit bull and the other is a neutered Cane Corso.  Buddy would go after them and the two  big dogs would just turn away from the  fight.    So I kept them separated.  The barking got much worse, lunging at people, not letting them in the door and now instead of nipping it became BITTING!

I called the Veterinarian many times asking for help. I did everything they suggested and anything anyone else suggested, short of abuse.  Finally, Buddy  turned on my Granddaughter, (who he absolutely adored and loved).  So I called the Vet the next morning after the attack,  he said I needed to put Buddy down, that he was getting vicious and unpredictable.   A part of me lost my sanity.  I was literally sick to my stomach at the thought.   I couldn’t do that!!  Not to Buddy.   He and Rudy were my life. By the way Rudy is a goofey smiling loving guy and I never had a problem with him.  I made the appointment with the Vet and started  breaking down emotionally.

My friend called and told me about Karen.  It happens that I didn’t believe in animal communications, but I was so desperate that at that point, I would have tried anything.

Karen called us  and asked  me send her a picture of Buddy.  I cancelled the euthanasia appointment with the Vet and that same afternoon had my first appointment with Karen over the phone.  I’d  never heared of her, and when we spoke she didnt ask for any details or stories. The only history she asked for on Buddy was behavior questions.  I did have doubts because she is in Florida and I was in Ohio.  Plus this was being done over the phone.   But I did it and the process amazed me!

When Karen call she asked me to lay the phone down by Buddy and turn on speaker phone so I could listen. I did.  Buddy turned his back to the phone initially as she poke to him, but only briefly.   He suddenly got up, turned around and layed his head down so that his ear was on the phone.  She spoke to him a long time and asked him many questions,  Buddy answered her.  She would then tell me what he said and I was in the most incredible shock ever.  I could have seen an alien and it would be normal compared to this!!   During  two sessions of communications and balancing therapy, we discovered why Buddy was so angry, why he bit and why he would try to attack.

Buddy is still with me.  He stopped all biting, being aggressive and vicious!  He still barks and now it’s a normal dog barking!

I will share this:  Karen said that Buddy mentioned an old lady that came to the house to visit sometimes and that Buddy wasn’t afraid because she was nice.  I was confused until Karen started discribing her.  Buddy was talking about the old lady that used to live here and passed a few years ago, described to the “t”!   I personally knew this lady and everthing Buddy told Karen was right.

There are no words worthy!  Karen not only saved Buddy’s life, she saved mine also!   I thank God for your gift, Karen, and I thank God the gift you gave me,  my Buddy.

Thank you,


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