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A request from beyond the Rainbow Bridge.

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Plaid blankie Taz requested to be out on the bed.

Taz requested for the soft plaid blanket to be put on top of the bed.   During our conversation connecting with Taz’s spirit, Taz showed me a plaid blankie and asked for it to be put on the bed for him and the other dogs to sleep on. He conveyed it symbolized “love” and heRead more

Perksey gets her point across!

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Perkesy & ribbons!

Funny what some communications reveal – Perksey wanted to make sure her dam wasn’t the only horse in the barnyard with lovely ribbons!  The day prior, the dam was fitted with ribbons for a special fund raising event, Perksey watched closely.  During her session she showed me ribbons and conveyed she wanted her own and Read more

Sky Man – no worries!

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Sky-Man after 2nd session 04-12-13

32 y/o Sky-Man’s latest session: he showed me a picture of a little present: a white box tied with pink ribbons and ‘presented’ it to his caregiver, along with the message of ‘love’ and for her ‘not to worry, life is good, love goes forever’ and ‘time will be’ (whatever time is left). Sky isRead more

Pickle – in less of a pickle now!

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Releasing the past! session notes and owner’s story:~SESSION NOTES~ Pickle was holding on to past rejection and fear of future rejection as well as emotions surrounding the death of his siblings, the entire litter died of parvo except Pickle. He still felt a connection to the pups. Voicing his concern helped him move forward &Read more

Profeta’s resentful glare and behavior changes in one session!

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Profeta, Pro 2

My name is Ashley and I’m the owner of a little Paso Fino gelding named Profeta De El Ranch-O, aka Pro. Pro is 7 years old and I’ve had him for 4 years (I was 14 when I got him). I have had my fair share of issues with Profeta this year… some of theRead more

Pippen, a founder survivor’s story.

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012  Pippen during 5th session

The story of Camellia de Bosque Verde aka Pippen.  When we lost our 30 year old 15.2 Appy in March of 2009, and our 16 hand Saddlebred started having health issues, we were looking for a new horse for my husband to ride. He is a very experienced rider who liked big (tall) horses. IRead more

Hands on with Capitain

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HORSE'S VOICES Capittan & Tango sessiom 01-02-12 023

Cap tunes in and begins communications. Cap conveys his turmoil over issues created by humans in his past. Cap conveying his emotions and sending telepathic pictures of the day he was “fighting some humans for his life”. Jess helps Cap work through the emotional balance with hands on work. Cap relaxing, processing and releasing.

Long distance sessions with Teeds

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TEEDS 1st session 02-03-12 Teeds came across as a very ‘switched on’ boy wearing a bag of jumbled nerves, a ‘nervous wreck’ inside and out.  Teeds was very excited about ‘getting help’ and was most cooperative and active during his session. Teeds begins about 10:45 am. First, Teeds presented guilt, fear & inhibitions concerning hisRead more

Hands On with Tango

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Such sadness over his show career ending & the young rider who abondoned their relationship. Check out his mouth, grinding & biting recalling the sorrow as I work on his heart chakra. Talking with Tango about the issue, explaining why his biting is not the answer, reassuring him we understand & it is not hisRead more