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The Virginia mini clinic this past Spring was a huge success! A dozen owners learned some eye opening information  and over 15 horses had private sessions. Many thanks to my host for her hospitality!

Emotional History

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Emotional history plays a huge part in training/behavior/health/relationship issues.  While training & desensitization may temporarily  address the problem, the initial memory/event is there and can surface later in life. At some point, (just like humans), animals begin to ‘wear’ the emotions/memories somewhere in the body/mind complex. Release of emotions opens the way for progress inRead more


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Sessions are easily set up – hit our Paypal button, pay for your session and contact me by email.  Long distance balances help in so many different ways – relationships & bonding, behavior, training issues, emotional & physical abuse. When it’s not about training – get to the core & reasons of the issues, tryRead more

Long distance sessions: making a difference!

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Long distance animal communication and balancing resolves many behavior issues.  “Horse whispering” at a higher level, it’s not always about training or the lack of it. When the animal is in harmony within their body/mind complex, relationships are taken to a higher level, heart bonds deepen, training becomes much easier, horse herd dynamics improve andRead more

New Horses Voices Clinics!

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Horse’s Voices clinics! Overcome training/abuse/behavior issues by looking beyond training. Learn how to apply: Interactive Respect, Dialog 101, Balance Your Horse Emotionally & Physically, Understand & Open Your Horse’s Communication. Deepen your heart bond! Karen will also work with some horses individually. Summer clinic schedule, 2012: June 23, Morriston Florida July 7, Lafayette, TN JulyRead more

Horses Voices Now Operates Online and In Person!

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Horse’s voices is available to help you and your equine partner through day clinics for groups, barn calls private hands on sessions as well as long distance sessions. Contact Karen for availability and to schedule the next step in reaching a higher level of understanding & deepening your heart bond.