FLORIDA Clinic “Beyond the Whispers” June 23, 2012

FLORIDA Clinic: ~“Beyond the Whispers” HORSE’S VOICES~ June 23, 2012. Morriston, FL.

Overcome training/abuse/behavior issues by looking beyond training.

Learn how to apply:
- Interactive Respect,
- Dialog 101,
- Balance your horse emotionally & physically
- Understand & Open Your Horse’s Communication.
- Deepen your heart bond!

Karen will also work with some horses individually.

*PRE-REGISTRATION required, deadline June 21.

*PAYMENT: Paypal or in person day of clinic: $75 with horse, extra horse $50. Auditors $45.

*Contact Karen Hall, Horse’s Voices or Kimberly Palmer to reserve your seat!

We had a great clinic Sat. and three very special participants were there, a 9 y/o, 12 y/o and 82 y/o who has ridden for 79 years and continues to ride everyday. Hands on gave several surprises as horses let go of emotional holdings. Several of the participants were feeling the horse’s emotions and had reactions as well.

Valentino worked on his inability to give his feet to the farrier & holdings of abuse/neglect which was felt by some of the spectators.
A precious Mini mare, Cherokee, a rescue, attended the clinic with her 12 y/o owner. You could see how tuned in to each other they are. Cherokee was in (low!) cross ties waiting for her turn for the hands on demo – she was very relieved for the techniques, held back a little at first then suddenly I had tears streaming down my face, as well as couple of the participants. I placed her owner’s hands under mine and as I stepped back, Cherokee asked for the 9 y/o to place her hands on her croup, she showed where, then she asked the Mother to place her hand on her forehead. I would not have thought this little one could allow so much healing & release all at once! She closed her eyes and soaked in the peace and love as tears streamed down her young owner’s face. Several minutes passed, Cherokee finally opened her eyes, licked & chewed, yawned, gave a stretch and thanked everyone.

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