Long distance sessions with Teeds


1st session 02-03-12

Teeds came across as a very ‘switched on’ boy wearing a bag of jumbled nerves, a ‘nervous wreck’ inside and out.  Teeds was very excited about ‘getting help’ and was most cooperative and active during his session.
Teeds begins about 10:45 am.

First, Teeds presented guilt, fear & inhibitions concerning his overall nerves & nervous system.  He then went to a memory of fetal life and ‘fear of the unknown from humans’.  Perhaps he received this from his dam who had her own concerns.

Teeds had an intolerance to ‘things outside his control’ and required an energetic balance to the outside layers of the brain.
Next, Teeds asked for a balance again, Next, Teeds presented the feeling of ‘vulnerable’ to his body’s energy field.    Balance struck to the energy field covering his entire body. (about 11:20 am) Teeds remembers being called names and having humans hurt his feelings, ‘s**t head’, bad boy’, ‘stupid’ was conveyed.  He balanced feelings of ‘self vs. others‘, inhibitions and tried to unburden himself of these memories. Next there was an energetic shift to switch off Teeds being a nervous wreck and literally wearing it. (about 11:32 am)
(tough & took a while, Teeds shifted through it like a champ!)

2nd session 02-21-12

Teeds began session by conveying “he felt better all over”, his “head was not buzzing”, he is “not as frightened”. Teeds seems much more relaxed overall. Teeds presented being ‘switched on’ only a little this times, although it was hard for him to balance this today. He has never understood his “running around”, it always made him feel “out of control” and “could not stop himself”. 2:19 pm Lymphatic drainage of axilla (armpits) with emotions of “feeling negative about himself” caused by “other people”….during this balance, Darlene reported Teeds lifted each foreleg and stretched it forward, then propped it on the lower fence rail.

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