Profeta’s resentful glare and behavior changes in one session!

Profeta, Pro 2

My name is Ashley and I’m the owner of a little Paso Fino gelding named Profeta De El Ranch-O, aka Pro. Pro is 7 years old and I’ve had him for 4 years (I was 14 when I got him). I have had my fair share of issues with Profeta this year… some of the issues I had with him include: he would go after me, and would be very difficult for me to ride, his gait was broken and uncomfortable, very heavy on my hands and would over react about little things . He would do anything to protect his right side from me. He wouldn’t even look at me. Over the past year I have done everything I could think of to solve these issues. I had the Chiropractor out to work on him, bought a treeless saddle, had him vaccinated for every thing I could think of, had his teeth done. Shoes with corrective shoeing to improve his angles and already hard feet, and even when so far as to have my beautiful amazing well mannered stallion gelded. Well none of this made much of a difference. I wasn’t able to ride my own horses for over 3 months, any one else could but not me. All this anger and frustration was only towards me. I knew he was trying to tell me something but I didn’t know what. I was a mess because Profeta had helped me more through some tough times than he knew and I was having trouble helping him. With all the problems I had been having with him, I was about to give up. I was in tears every night and I knew he was unhappy, so I made a huge change. I quit my full time job at the barn he was boarded at and were I was also living. I moved and so did he to a nice quiet back yard barn with only 7 horses on 80 acres. Well, he was ok for about 3 weeks then it started all over again. I had been talking with Karen since January this year. She had told me about what she does and I have a very open mind and believe that anything is possible. It took me a while to be able to have a session with Karen.

I was finally able to have a session done with her on September 19, 2012, mind you I’m all the way in Rhode Island and she is in Florida. After an hour of talking to her on the phone about what had been going on and what not she began with Pofeta. She talked WITH him for a little over an hour. Watching him while she was talking with him, he walked around a lot and he was very relaxed. After she was done talking with him she called me back and explained what he had told her. She told me that he did some balances all on his own. Also, that he has some anxiety and it began around the age 2-3. He was afraid to do something wrong, this made sense because I had a feeling he was very harshly broken as a young colt. But it also made me think I had made it worse being so young when I got him as a 3-4 year old and not knowing as much as I know now about the breed. She also said he didn’t want to talk about his perception of himself….. meaning he has low self esteem. He also has a lot of resentment in his heart, this and what came next made me cry later that day. I knew with me being 14 when I got him and him only 3 I didn’t do the best job with him. But I had no idea it had such a effect on him. The next thing she sad he told her but didn’t really want to talk about was the relationship between him and I. I was shocked, didn’t know what to say, but she said he is willing to work on it. Since the session with Karen, I have noticed changes in Profeta. Starting with a kinder look in his face to him actually wanting me to be around him and he has just started to actually look at me! Along with walking up to me to be caught. And best thing that has happen so far is just over a week after the session I have been having some of the most amazing rides with Profeta. He was light on my hands, responsive and balanced and calm! We even were able to explore a new trail and a creek we had found. We still have a few things to work through. I am looking forward to more sessions with Karen. Thank you Karen Hall!

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