“Bringing horses and their humans to a higher level of understanding”.

Deepening the bond with your new or rescue horse does not have to take months or more. Neither does “fixing” a problem that pops up in an established relationship. Bringing out the partner and loving companion you know is inside your horse can easily be accomplished.

Rescue horses come with baggage that training cannot resolve on a deep emotional level. These special horses often achieve a level of emotional & physical balance with hands on care & communication, that will rapidly translate into smoothing out health, ground manner & riding issues.

Often, the root of the problem is not what we think. Training is not always the answer to behavioral issues. Through mediation, communication and hands on balancing, horses frequently solve their own issues.

If your horse has a change of behavior toward you or others, develops issues while riding or on the ground, look into your horse and see what you may find. It could very well be emotionally based.

Contrary to popular belief, horses have emotions, form deep friendship bonds, grieve, have a sense of humor and on and on. Sensitive horses may have their feelings hurt by unkind or off hand remarks and display behavioral changes.

They also remember injustices inflicted upon them by humans and other animals, whether intentional or not. Sometimes this creates a problem that may come out as “bad behavior“. Training the issue out of them causes them to bury their feelings deeper.

Health issues for your horse as well as the rescue individual may also be emotionally based.

An animal communicator or hands on energy worker can be of invaluable assistance in resolving issues.